Our story

What differentiates us from all other organizations is that we’ll tackle any challenge. For us, there’s no cause too big or too small that we can’t handle. If there’s something you care about, we want to know how we can help. We’re always looking to find fresh perspectives and new ideas. We want everyone to feel as connected to the city as possible and that all stems from the support of our community. If you have a cause that you feel passionate about we want to know how we can help. Contact us at info@chivenationmontreal.com.

Our mission

Chive Nation Montreal, otherwise known as CNM Fundraising, is an independent nonprofit organization that plans fun and unique activities to raise money for local causes around Montreal. Whether it’s crawling from bar to bar to help out a fellow Chiver, or finding a wacky idea to raise money for a cause, Chive Nation Montreal will forever be fixated on getting the most out of our mischief community to help others in need.


Justin Rudick

As co-founder of Chive Nation Montreal, Justin believes in a world where not all heroes wear capes, where harmony is more than just interweaving melodic tones, and Steve Buscemi is hands down the ultimate sidekick. He enjoys living his life vicariously through himself to pioneer a movement where we all collectively live through each other’s happiness by finding things we love to do and using our passions as a vehicle to affect positive change. If you have an idea of how you want to make a difference, or if you just have a really cool story to tell, shoot him a quick email at justin@chivenationmontreal.com.

Evan Yarrow

As the great Bill Murray once said, “Keep seeing the glass half full and it will eventually dawn on you that it is probably your turn to buy.” Evan’s positive outlook on life has lead him to the realization that it may be time to give something back. He decided that it was his turn to buy a round for the city! While co-founding Chive Nation Montreal, Evan has continued to reach for the stars, and standing at 6 foot 9, you can say he’s pretty damn close! He believes in what can happen when Montrealers come together to make a difference. Think you have a way to help make this city better, or just want to talk to Evan about how to build bunk beds to maximize activity space? Well, you guys can have a great laugh together by messaging him at evan@chivenationmontreal.com.