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4 Comments on “Goat Yoga!”

  1. hello guys, i’m coming to the goat yoga event this saturday august 26 in Laval.
    Is the the yoga class inside the Cosmodome or outside ?

    Is the teacher speak french or all the animation will be in english ? ( my first language is french ) I’m asking because every publicity is all in english, even your web site and or facebook.

    Sadly, people who doesn’t speak english are kind of left back no ?

    Very excited to participate.
    Eve Robillard

    1. Hey Eve,

      Thanks for the inquiry! The event will take place outside the Cosmodome on the green area, not far from the parking lot. There will be volunteers directing people so you should have no problem finding it!

      The instructors speak both English and French so we’ve asked them to switch between both languages.

      We hope this answers your questions. Please let us know if still have have any additional questions or concerns! =)

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